Classroom 101 is Youth and Children Net/Streetcats Foundation's web site with exciting, educational projects to do for your class this term. You'll find great homework, study and class resources and ideas for special projects and assignments. Be sure to also see our Kid Surf and High School Central sites and tell your teachers about Class 101 and our teacher's site too! 

The 2007 movie, AMAZING GRACE  told the story of two courageous Englishmen and their stand to stop slavery. Find out what you can do about child slavery now through Amazing Change 

As multi-cultural as the U.S. is now, most kids and teens don't know that much about young people of other etnic origins. Visit our new sites for Asian-American, African-American and Latino youth  to learn a lot about others customs and traditions and history. 

U2 Rock star Bono is one of the heroic people who are leading contries and organizations to stop poverty in the world and the AIDS epidemic in Africa and Asia. Find out about their work with the One campaign

In 1968, during the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War and a time of great social change, DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING and ROBERT KENNEDY were shot and killed. Why were their lives important? What did they stand for? Are there lessons to learn from the events of the late 1960's? What are they? 

In 1962, JOHH H. GLENN  became the first American and the second astronaut to orbit the earth in a space capsule. Now, Glenn, a U.S. Senator from Ohio, is getting set to be the oldest person to go into space, aboard a shuttle flight this October. Why? What was PROJECT MERCURY and why was it so important to our future and lead America to land on the Moon in 1969? 

TEEN VIOLENCE, though dropping, has been very high. What causes teen violence? What can be done about it? What's the best way to keep safe? Our Teen Violence site  will give you all kinds of information and answers. Also see our new CRIME, COPS AND CROOKS site.


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