STREETCATS FOUNDATION FOR YOUTH and its vital programs for children, youth, parents and youth workers, including this web site, our local Teen City and City Spirit sites and Teen-Anon (the only national 12-step fellowship for and actual groups for recovering teens), our One Heart for Kids programs, our award-winning  and encouraging Reaching Up! Youth Radio weekly music and interview program for teens and twenties, our national radio public service announcements educating people about the needs of children and youth and many collaborations we're building to all grow this year to help serve the enormous amount of unmet needs of American youth and to grow our national web portals--African-American Teens, Latino Teens, Muslim Teens and Youth Counselors Net.

Now, in 2015, we are also publishing books for teens including a Teen-Anon Awesome Teens Recovery Book, a Teen-Anon Group Leaders Manual, a book celebrating Teen Heroes and an interview book, People Who Matter and How You Can Matter Too!

And we're still working to start a very different kind of 24/7 satellite radio network, CELEBRATE RADIO, to unite people, foster collaborative projects for people to help each other and passionately solve society's unmet needs while entertaining them with a 2000 song Positively Music mix.

To-do all that, we need YOU, no matter how small or large to help us by making your donation! After 25 years, we just can't count on grants anymore, so we need to count on you for all the millions of youth, families and youth workers (secular and faith-based) we reach and help and tens of thousands more we need to help in your community and all throughout the U.S.

We've been operating on and doing all we do, which keeps increasing with well under a total budget of $22,000 a year, which isn't nearly enough to do all the good work we do and lives we help change each year! But that’s not even a third of what we need to truly help youth in all the areas we are working in!

We need to do so much more so that we can help YOU, your kids, your teens, college youth, youth counselors and those who do youth ministry, teachers and government officials who constantly call, write or email us for urgent, life-saving help, advice and resources / referrals.

All we have to is raise $25,000 more each year to continue all the projects we do, to save or change more young lives and to be sufficient to the miracles that need be helped along. YOU, your friends, schoolmates, family members, co-workers and even the company you work for can help us get there… at just $5, $10, $15, $20, $50, $100, $250 at a time...ANY help will start to make a big difference!

Even sending us just $1, $2, $5 or $10 a week in an envelope will help save the lives of tens of thousands of children and teens, keep our web sites up that help 5 million more a year AND keep thousands of adolescents in our life-saving TEEN-ANON groups and help start more groups for teens in more cities while publicizing the needs of our children on a national radio public service announcement campaign, day in and day out, as we birth new and more beneficial local coalitions between non-profit youth groups and faith-based organizations, schools and counties..

THIS web site alone (and we have 22 more helping kids, parents, families) is accessed by 2.4 million people a year looking for help, resources and referrals. Our new 30-minute weekly Reaching Up! Radio show is now reaching and helping young people across the U.S. and in 31 European countries!

We have thousands of youth in our recovery groups to stay off alcohol and other drugs and learn to be productive adults and we need (and parents and teens need) to get our ( Teen-Anon program and our new teens recovery books in every county, every high school, every drug program and every juvenile hall and drug court program in the country, as it already is in places like Anaheim California, Eau Claire Wisconsin, Chicago, Miles City Montana, Enterprise and Ft.. Lauderdale FL, Ft.Worth Texas New Haven Ct and other towns and cities and just beginning in Ohio in our first Juvenile Court recovery program! A similar program, Young and Recovering, is now being birthed by us for college students with alcohol and other drug problems (they have increased dramatically on campuses)


Our National Childrens Coalition vitally helps advocate the cause of helping American children and has since 1995. Our newly-launched ( ONE HEART FOR KIDS national campaign, introduced at a One Heart for Kids benefit concert in Oakland by our friend and long-time supporter Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary 10 years ago, seeks to educate the public still further about children's needs and the American tragedy of children, while starting chapters in each city to gather volunteers and raise money to fund all the grassroots youth organizations like ours around the country, that are daily sacrificing to help our kids, while funders have ignored them and us except sporadically.

Our new model Interfaith Family Resource Center project, getting churches and synagogues and secular youth organizations all working together in a community or whole county, with a hotline and drop-in centers, is something that can be replicated anywhere in the country and needs to be.

We long to restart our Street Kids program, which, for 6 years, was the most (successful on-the-street counseling and help program for runaways in several cities. Major organizations you may have heard of that are supposedly helping 'teens' no longer help ANYONE under 18! HELP US RIGHT NOW TO CONTINUE TO HELP AND INFORM AND ADVOCATE FOR OUR CHILDREN AND YOUTH AND CONTINUE OUR 25 YEARS OF PASSION AND SACRIFICE TO HELP KIDS!

We need YOUR help urgently so that we don't tragically miss helping a single child or teenager or parent or youth worker who needs our help!

We'll tell you HOW to donate or raise money down below with the need being RIGHT NOW, but first.....