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Violence Prevention Resources is one of several new, comprehensive childrens and youth resource guides from Streetcats Foundation and The National Childrens Coalition's YOUTH AND CHILDREN RESOURCE NET.

Our children and youth continue to be highly at-risk from violence on the street, at school and at home. 

These resources can help you, your school, neighborhood or city to learn what fosters violence and what can be done to prevent it and to begin conflict resolution and keep our kids safe. If you have anything to contribute please do so. 


Violence Prevention Resource Centers:

Center for Study & Prevention of Violence
National Partnerships Against Violence
Pacific Center for Violence Prevention
Higher Education Ctr Against Violence

Juvenile Justice Resources:

Juvenile Justice/Delinquency Prevention (USDOJ)
US Dept. of Justice Information Center

Gang Violence:

Street Gang Dynamics Resource Guide
Suburban Gangs-Affluent Rebels
Latino Street Gang Ethnography

Youth Anti-Violence Initiatives:

Student Pledge Against Gun Violence

Television Violence:

National Coalition on TV Violence

Domestic Violence:

Family Violence Awareness
Victims of Violence (Canada)
Men & Domestic Violence
Subscribe to Electronic Journal of Intimate Violence

Hate Crimes:

NYC Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project

Gun Control:

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Conflict Resolution:

Help Guide

Crime Prevention and Statistics:

Crime, Cops, Crooks
US Dept. of Justice

Need more in-depth Resources?   BRAINSTORM it!

Volunteer for Children

YOUTH AND CHILDREN NET prevention and other resources

to stop the violence
Call 1-800-WE-PREVENT

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