NATIONAL CHILDREN'S COALITION, sponsor of YOUTH AND CHILDREN RESOURCE NET on the World Wide Web, was started in Spring 1994 to be a central resource and referral center for information on issues and activities centered around American children and teens.

NCC was also established to advocate for a much more substantial and urgent effort to stem the growing crisis of our kids: the epidemic child abuse, the alarming suicide rate among our teens, violence directed at and even by children, AIDS, runaways, domestic violence and latchkey children and a lack of adequate activities and opportunities for youth, particularly in cities.

A service of STREETCATS FOUNDATION, a 501c3, tax-exempt, public benefit corporation, NATIONAL CHILDREN'S COALITION is also a membership organization for children and youth groups, workers and advocates for youth. It helps other groups with fundraising, creation of local radio public service announcements, media advocacy, affordable Web pages--and effective communication with each other.

NCC also makes available a one-source referral bank of local information on children and teens, for parents, kids, social workers and advocates.

NCC will be producing annual national (and California-only) RADIOTHONS to educate the public about the crisis concerning our children, to focus on programs that are helping kids and gather donations and volunteers for participating local groups around the country.

On the Internet's World Wide Web, we will also be producing CITY KIDS, a new city-by-city guide to childrens and youth resources.

The NATIONAL CHILDREN'S COALITION is also creating and distributing, via Galaxy Satellite, a national series of advocacy public service announcements titled "Through the Eyes of A Child," featuring children and teens talking about their needs from each other and from adults and all they--as kids and teens--have to offer all of us.

Please e-mail, snail mail or call us at 510 316 - 7100 for any resources you need, or with links, ideas and energy you have to contribute. We can also create affordable Web sites and help produce radio PSA announcements for your group.

Although funded in part by generous, caring people at the Public Domain Foundation, Motorola Corporation, Trepp Family Foundation, and AST Computers, your tax-deductible contribution to keep all of our work going, to help our children, is welcome and very much needed.

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